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Our Corporate Profile

        Over the past 20 years, SHWEYI DISTILLERIES has had a rapid growth and remarkable record of success in alcohol manufacturing business in Myanmar. We started SHWEYI DISTILLERY, a small scale business, in 1992 in Mandalay and expanded another distillery in Yangon in 2000.

        In 2001 we started herbal research and then develop alcohols blended with herbal extracts. As a result, now we are able to produce Herbal Rum for general health, Herbal Rum anti malaria and Herbal Rum general strength specialize for high potency.
        In 2003, we started Buckwheat manufacturing business in collaboration with Japanese organizations. And then we successfully turned government buckwheat projects to private sector business in 2005. We are the sole operator of buckwheat business in Myanmar.
        In 2007, we started Honey Export to Japan, since then we have developed Honey business year by year. And now, we speed up apiculture development in Myanmar according to huge demand from Japan, EU, and USA.
        In order to operate our businesses internationally, we have founded a new incorporated companies in 2008 as WAANEIZA WORLDWIDE CORPORATE COMPANIES. There are twelve operating companies within the umbrella of WAANEIZA WORLDWIDE CORPORATE COMPANIES.
They are :

1. Mandalay Shweyi Manufacturing co., Ltd. (Mandalay)
2. Waaneiza Worldwide Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Yangon)
3. Waaneiza Worldwide Agriculture Co., Ltd. (NayPyiDaw)
4. Myanmar Honey Farms Co., Ltd. (NayPyiDaw)
5. Mandalay Shweyi Trading Co., Ltd. (Mandalay)
6. Waaneiza Worldwide Trading Co., Ltd. (Yangon)
7. Waaneiza Worldwide (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
8. Green Star Int’l Enterprise Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
9. Waaneiza Worldwide Services Co., Ltd. (Yangon)
10. Waaneiza Worldwide Travels & Tours Co., Ltd. (Yangon)
11. Waaneiza Worldwide Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. (Yangon)
12. Waaneiza Worldwide Educational Services ( Yangon, Mandalay)
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